About Alpha Systems Engineering...
Alpha Systems Engineering Corporation is known for providing optimum design solutions in a wide range of applications.
Alpha Systems Engineering Corporation has a reputation for developing solutions to the most difficult engineering problems. A proven leader in product design, development, and innovation, Alpha Systems achieves results with a highly specialized and experienced staff. As technical managers and engineers with programs ranging in size from 2 million to over 150 million dollars, Alpha Systems offers our clients proven management expertise.
Alpha Systems is a multi-service corporation providing complete, off-the-shelf systems and engineering consulting in the following areas:

• Development of Aerodynamic Models
• Development of Flight Simulation Software
• Digital Control Loading Systems, Design and Installation
• Aircraft Flight Testing
• Digital Audio Sound Systems
• Simulation of Aircraft Instruments and Displays
• Visual System and High Resolution Projector Control Software
• Integrated Project Management Support
• Configuration Management and Control

Alpha Systems Engineering Corporation is an employee owned engineering firm that provides engineering consulting and complete commercial-off-the-shelf systems for simulators, simulations and training markets. Alpha Systems has a history of meeting the customer’s requirements with the proper balance between:

• Design Quality
• Design Efficiency
• Cost
• Ease of Integration
• Service and Ease of Maintenance



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