Flight Testing Services

Alpha Systems Engineering Corporation Flight Testing Services & Products
Alpha Systems provides complete flight test services to collect, analyze and reduce, flight performance data. Alpha Systems Flight Testing provides a lower cost alternative to acquiring the Aircraft Manufacturer’s data package required for simulation development. Alpha Systems Engineering Corporation can also provide a complete off-the-shelf instrumentation system for confidential testing.
System Description
Alpha Systems utilizes a stand-alone, battery powered data acquisition computer. Our computer system contains the sensor interface electronics, power supply, real-time display, magnetic storage for raw and processed aircraft performance data, and an approved Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) enclosure. Alpha Systems instrumentation software includes time-tagging of all received data, continuous display of calculated aircraft velocities and attitude for comparison with aircraft instruments, and a complete built-in system test (BIT) for high data confidence.
System Components
Alpha Systems Engineering Corporation's sensor suite includes an air data boom, 6-DOF motion sensor, pressure transducers, position transducers, vibration and audio transducers, load cells, Hall effect devices and video cameras to view and record the instrument console. The various sensors measure aircraft performance inside the fuselage compartment to the greatest extent possible. Each installation can also be custom designed to minimize aircraft alterations.
Safety and Certification
Safety is always our greatest concern. Every attempt is made to assure non-interference with aircraft systems. Complete FAA design walk-throughs and reviews are conducted on a regularly scheduled basis. Certification documents, review comments, and all inspection results are included in the final data package. Each installation and test process includes a detailed checklist and review of all fail-safe measures to assure that a sensor or mounting failure will not affect aircraft handling. The entire system is installed by certified aircraft technicians and thoroughly ground-tested prior to aircraft operation.

Alpha Systems Engineering Corporation’s Flight Testing Services
• Comprehensive
• Accurate
• Low Cost
• Off-the-shelf Instrumentation architecture reduces data collection schedule
• Minimally intrusive system=safe system
• Reliable
• Installed by certified technicians and thoroughly ground-tested
• Ideal for simulation development, performance modification verifications and pre-certification testing

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