Do your performance measures and indicators consistently and accurately report the realization of project objectives with an
accuracy of greater than 97%?

To compete in the information age, it is imperative that project teams establish the right measures of project performance. Trying to develop complex software and hardware systems without first developing the right performance measurement instruments is analogous to flying blind. Do your existing performance measures and indicators consistently and accurately report the obtainment of project objectives with an accuracy of greater than 97%? Just as a pilot needs instruments to relay vital information about the aircraft, project teams need special tools to measure and monitor project performance.
Unfortunately, many organizations fail to use the proper tools to achieve their short-term project goals and long-term strategic objectives. At Alpha Systems, we know that managers often feel uneasy about measuring project performance and gauging its accuracy. That's where Alpha Systems can help. With our Essential Development Elements Toolset™ (EDET) we give you the tools to track, correct, and improve project performance, no matter how complex.
EDET™ provides your project with the essential toolset and a proven process. Developed over several years, EDET™ incorporates the best from Activity Based Costing, Balanced Scorecard™, Business Process Re-Engineering, Spiral Development and MIL-STD 1521 technical reviews and audits. With EDET, project teams, managers and supervisors can easily communicate objectives and strategies, develop effective performance measures, improve the team's understanding of key project indicators, and link incentives to strategy implementation. With the EDET™ toolset, you can assist your organization with the development of well-defined processes and performance measures that are specifically designed to suit your business requirements. All project functions, especially performance reviews (Requirements, Preliminary Design, Critical Design, Financial Analysis and other external and internal reviews), can be improved using EDET™.
Now is the time to replace vague ideas with concise performance based communication! Alpha Systems can help your team reach all of its goals and objectives by creating a language of measurement. From concepts, to practices, to patterns of behavior, Alpha Systems' EDET™ creates a language of performance focused on the essentials. For further information please contact our Corporate Office at (407)438-5016.
As technical managers and engineers with programs ranging in size from 2 million to over 150 million dollars, Alpha Systems offers our clients proven management expertise.

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Balanced Scorecard™
Spiral Development
Activity Based Costing
Business Process Re-engineering
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Balanced Scorecard™ is a registered trademark of Renaissance Solutions, Inc. EDET™ is a registered trademark of Alpha Systems.

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