NACWS Display
Alpha Systems Engineering Corporation’s NACWS Display

Alpha Systems’ simulated Naval Air Craft Collision Warning System (NACWS) is the low cost solution for a wide range of training devices from cockpit procedure trainers, to full flight trainers. Our NACWS simulation is designed to minimize support hardware and software costs typically associated with simulated instruments. The CRT Display Unit (CDU) uses standard VGA monochrome (green) video channel output. The Simulated NACWS Software Drivers are CPU independent, and will run on various operating systems including Windows and AIX. Processing power can be easily provided by a standard VGA board (hosted on a Pentium 75 based PC or equivalent). In a standard application, the simulated NACWS software runs as part of the simulation load using a VGA port on the main simulation computer.
The simulated NACWS CDU consists of a monochrome CRT display with NACWS specific bezel mounted switches installed in a standard aircraft instrument mounting assembly. The NACWS controls are simulated as three digital computer inputs for ON/OFF, RNG, and PROX switch status, and a lamp power input for the bezel backlighting. Alpha Systems’ Application Programming Interface (API), provides the software interface to simulate the NACWS for training devices. This includes all Operational and Test Displays, mode control, Time/Date/Position update inputs, and DME/Range/ Bearing readouts. The API also provides complete functions for drawing the displays and updating all readouts. Off-the-shelf and ready to integrate, Alpha Systems’ software easily interfaces with your simulation program. Software variables are defined in the NACWS Software Interface specification supplied with each system. An operation and maintenance manual is also included so the device can be easily supported under existing simulator maintenance support contracts. Full maintenance and repair support can also be obtained directly through Alpha Systems.

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For more information, on Alpha Systems’ NACWS Display, contact our Corporate Office at (407) 438-5016.

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